• 於顧客購買日起計一年內,製造商保證產品在按照初始規格使用下,沒有工藝和材料上的缺陷,並且能正常操作,否則會為產品出現的問題提供維修保養。
  • 製造商的保證不包括因顧客誤用,意外,不當處理而導致的產品故障。但是,製造商可提供修理產品服務,惟需要收取修理費用。


  • 從獲授權之香港經銷商處購買,並按此登記 -> 登記保養
  • 有購買發票正本


  • 電郵至香港總代理 misstic@mimingmart.com 或致電 2893 7998
    • 提供產品型號
    • 告知從何處購買
    • 說明產品出現的問題並附上照片
  • 服務人員會與客人預約安排時間,請客人攜帶購買發票正本及產品到Misstic香港總代理辦公室,產品會由專人檢查是否符合保養條款。
  • 如能即時確認在保養範圍內,服務人員將同時幫客人更換產品。
  • 如未能即時確認在保養範圍內,服務人員會與台灣製造商作進一步溝通,並提供收據予閣下。在收到製造商確認後聯絡客人。
  • 如確認未符合保養條款而客人想需要寄回台灣製造商作進一步維修,服務人員需先向客人收取HK$400手續費,而實際維修所需的費用將在得到製造商確認後再通知客人,由客人決定是否進行維修。

 保養查詢:2893 7998

Manufacturer Warranty Terms:

  • The manufacturer warrants the repairs to this product to be free from defects in workmanship and materials and operate within original specifications for a period of 1 YEAR from the date of purchase.
  • The manufacturer's warranty does not cover failure of the product resulting from misuse, accident, improper handling. However, the product may be repaired at a cost if it is turned out to be repairable.

 Your product is covered by warranty only if

  • You have bought it from a Hong Kong authorized distributor and have completed the warranty registration. Press Here -> Registration
  • You are in possession of the Original receipt of Purchase


  • Contact HK Agent misstic@mimingmart.com  
    • Provide model no of the product
    • Tell us where you bought it
    • Explain what is wrong with product with photos
  • Agent's staff will arrange a time for you to visit our office with the original receipt and the product at Hong Kong distributor office in order to determine if the product is covered by manufacturer's warranty.
  • If covered, normally an exchange or replacement can be arranged at the same visit.
  • If it cannot be determined if covered, we will consult with the manufacturer, issue you a receipt for keeping your product and contact you upon receiving further information.
  • If deemed not covered by warranty, you have the option to get it repaired by paying a non-refundable inspection fee of HK$400.  We will send your product to manufacturer for further inspection and advise you of the quoted cost for repair for your further decision.
 Warranty Enquiry:2893 7998